college paper writing servicebuy essay onlineAPPLICANT ELIGIBILITY


Check Your Eligibility

Before beginning the application process, you should make sure you or your organization is eligible to apply for the grant. There are three keys to eligibility:


*Contact your agent to get the application number

*Understanding legal eligibility per the funding opportunity

*Fill in the application form, it will be reviewed and get back to you.



Applicant Registration

Before applying for a NGMA grant, you need to contact an agent to get an Application number to give you access to the application page.

Whether you are an applicant for an organization or an individual applying for grants on your own, you only need to contact an agent. The NGMA registration process can be completed in minutes.


Once you have a Application Number, users may add a profile to associate with an applicant organization and use the My Account features to manage one or more profiles within your account. If you already have an Application number, what you need to do is to apply for the grant.


How to Apply

Insert your Application Number in the empty box

Click the Register link

Complete the all the necessary Information correctly. All fields with a red asterisk (*) are required.

Email Address – When entering an email address and phone numbers, please keep in mind that all correspondence with NGMA will be sent to that phone number or email address.



Note: This grant is given out to eligibile applicant to help them achieve thier goals, once you are eligible for the grant, you don’t have to pay it back. This is a grant given out to help the Old, Retired, disabled, partime and full time worker. It is also given out to those who are in need of running capital project and starting a new business.

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